General Assembly and Directors’ Conference

Every year, Intergraf holds two major events for its members.
General Assembly

Intergraf's General Assembly takes place every year in late spring and is hosted by one of Intergraf’s member federations. This is a chance for members of Intergraf to have direct input on the upcoming year. They receive a full briefing on the work of Intergraf over the past year as well as outside speakers outlying what is happening in the host country, and often, the wider economic context. On this occasion the priorities for the Steering Committee and Board are decided and approved. The Assembly is also a chance for colleagues to learn what is happening in each other’s national industry and exchange useful information. Now becoming a yearly tradition, the General Assembly is combined with a joint meeting of the World Print and Communication Forum to maintain global contact. The 2016 General Assembly took place in Naples.

Directors' Conference

Intergraf's Directors’ Conference takes place in a host member federation country in early autumn. It is a chance for the Secretary Generals and the Presidents of federations to discuss their work in-depth. The Directors' Conference is also an opportunity for Intergraf to discuss with member federations their experiences on how EU level initiatives affect them at national level. Finally, there are often presentations on innovation and fresh ideas in the print sector to spur on some new ideas and approaches. The 2016 Directors’ Conference took place in Finland.