PRESS RELEASE 03/18 | ‘European Magazine Market Report’ available now

Wednesday, 07 March 2018 12:03

 “If you’re in the printing industry, it’s easy to have become a little disheartened about magazines in the past decade. I do think though that, to use a famous phase, we are reaching “the end of the beginning” of the transition from print to digital. The key to future success will lie in innovation, to enhance all of the positive, physical advantages that print enjoys over other media.”

James Hewes, President & CEO of FIPP – The Network for Global Media. Speaker at Intergraf and Smithers Pira’s Magazine Seminar 2018 in Brussels.

Following Intergraf and Smithers Pira’s recent event – ‘Shaping the Future of Print: Magazine Seminar 2018’ – a supplementary report about the magazine market in Europe is now available. Contact Intergraf for more information or to order the report.

Intergraf’s ‘European Magazine Market Report’ comprises a strategic section, which details the more qualitative outcomes of the seminar, and an economic section, which complements this information with quantitative data about the magazine market in Europe.

In the economic chapter, data collected by market research institute Smithers Pira is presented. Overall, a downward trend can be seen in both magazine values and volumes. In constant value terms (stripping out effects of inflation and exchange rate fluctuations), magazine printing across Europe was €8.3 billion in 2017, down by 34.4% since 2012 with declines to €6.63 billion predicted to 2022. However, deeper analysis points to different performances in the market segments. In the UK, for example, news and current affairs circulations are up and women’s lifestyle/fashion/celebrity magazines are down. This emphasises the importance of market segmentation and of understanding your market.

The report concludes by explaining that whilst print is predicted to continue to decline, it will remain highly important going forward. Print is still the main source of income for most magazine publishers and widespread online ad fraud combined with high online platform costs (among other things) ensures that print remains a viable option. Managing the market decline will be important for both printers and publishers.

The days of “print only” for the magazine sector are gone. Titles and publishers that will survive in the future have set out a clear strategy to embrace the myriad new communications channels available to them to target different audiences with relevant content. Print was described at the magazine seminar as the “anchor”, but while print remains important, it is only one of many channels. Thus, “embrace new communications channels” was the first of three key learning points from the seminar.

The second learning point was that “content remains king”. People will pay for the content they value – whether that’s journalism, news or opinion – but they expect it to be delivered through an increasing range of channels and platforms. Finally, “customer insight and intelligence is crucial”. Many new innovations in online magazine delivery collect a lot of data from readers. All of this data – if well-used should drive further improvements in layout, content and design for both products and platforms.

Contact Intergraf for more information or to order our ‘European Magazine Market Report’.

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