2010: The Future of the European Print Industry-In our own Hands

These documents came from the 2010 European project, Restructuring and Reorganisation of printing companies.


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This study carried as part of a one-year employer/union project reveals that the issue of overcapacity and price competition impacts the printing sector as a whole. Changes in customer behaviour and a shift to the web and other e-solutions are reducing demand for print. The workforce implications of the changes underway are significant, as both comments and the quantitative study confirm. These feature a number of defensive strategies, including closing down or selling the business, and reducing the size of plant and numbers of staff in addition to many positive steps that companies can take.




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This toolkit was produced as part of a one-year employer/union project. It provides practical advice on how to restructure in a socially responsible manner. The toolkit provides step-by-step guides and checkilists for companies and union representatives alike.

The study (90 pages) and the toolkit (64 pages) are available in hard copy in English from Intergraf and in Dutch from KVGO. The two documents are sold as a package for 25 Euro plus postage. They are also available free of charge online. (Scroll down for the PDFs and order form).

The study and the toolkit are available in English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Hungarian and Dutch.

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