FEIGRAF - Spanish Printing and allied industries Federation

Contact: Gema Fernandez
Address: C/ BARQUILLO 11, 4º DCHA, 28004 MADRID (SPAIN)
Phone: +34 91 522 72 49
Fax: +34 91 532 67 45
Personal e-mail: gema(at)
General e-mail:  feigraf(at)

FEIGRAF is the Employers Federation of Printing and Allied Industries in Spain. It represents the interests of Spanish graphic companies. FEIGRAF also actively participates in the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG).

Centro Tecnológico CIT


Contact: Jorge López
Address: c/ Rufino González, 23 bis 2.º 2.ª 28037 Madrid
Phone: (0034) 912 437 400
Fax: (0034) 912 403 091
e-mail: jlopez(at)

CIT Technology Centre (Centro Tecnológico CIT) is an initiative by FEIGRAF. Its mission is to work with graphic industry companies to enhance their productivity by offering them a comprehensive range of services that constantly evolve to adapt to the graphics industry’s requirements.

Centro Tecnológico CIT is a member of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation) Graphic Industry Technical Committee AEN/CTN 54, whose secretary is held by FEIGRAF, develops standards and disseminates their benefits. It other main objectives are the analysis and dissemination of technical and environmental information about future-oriented technologies in the graphic industry.



AIDO is the Technological Institute of Optics, Colour and Imaging. It is a private, non-profit association formed by businessmen and institutions in the field of optics applied to industry. AIDO is an innovative and technological expert in the application of optics technology to various industrial processes in the following fields: Graphic Arts, Audiovisual, ICT, Automotive, Paints and Varnishes, Lighting, Machinery / Equipment and Optics.

The AIDO Colour Laboratory is accredited by ENAC (National Entity for Accreditation) as a colour measurements testing and calibration lab. The Graphic Arts Department carries out the ISO 12647 certification for the printing companies in Spain.

AIDO promotes and diffuses standardisation in different sectors as a member of the AEN / CTN 54 the Printing Industry committee of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation); the AEN / CTN 45 the Ophthalmic Optics committee of AENOR and the AEN / CTN 48 Paints and Varnishes committee of AENOR.


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