Grafiska Företagens Förbund

Contact:   Maria Blomgren
Karlavägen 108
Box 24184
104 51 Stockholm
Phone:    +4687626832
Fax:     +4686110828
Website:   www.grafiska.se
Personal e-mail:  maria.blomgren(at)grafiska.se
General e-mail:   info(at)grafiska.se

Description of activities in standardisation

SIS is the Swedish national standards organisation connected to ISO. TC 130 is a technical committee on graphical technology connected to the technical committees within ISO. SIS TK 434 is the Swedish technical committee for Graphic Technology, and also a participating member of ISO/TC130.

SIS TK 434 is constituted of a trade council called BRS (Branschrådet för Standarder och Rekommendationer). The objective of BRS is to follow and disseminate information about trade recommendations and up-to-date standards regarding handling of information. It also initiates and influences recommendations and standards for the benefit of the graphic industry. As a member of BRS, GFF is actively involved in the development of standards.

Currently, GFF is working with an ISO-standardisation project, whose objective is to develop guidelines in Swedish for standardisation of the printing process according to ISO 12647-2. The guidelines are compiled in a manual called CGP “Certifierad Grafisk Produktion” (Certified Graphic Production). Until now, all information about ISO 12647-2 has only been available in English or German. CGP aims to facilitate for Swedish graphic companies to achieve the ISO certification, and thus enable them to guarantee their customers a high and even quality of their production.


Nordic Association of Heatset Printers

Contact:  Linus Lehnberg
NAHP, c/o Animus
Box 63, SE-776 22 Hedemora
Phone:    +46 (0)70 727 57 58 (NAHP)
+46 (0)70 230 94 95 (Linus Lehnberg)
Fax:    +46 (0)225 300 44 (NAHP)
Website:   www.nahp.nu
Personal e-mail: linuslehnberg(at)hotmail.com
General e-mail:   anders(at)bovin.se (NAHP)

A subgroup within NAHP called TPC (Technical Projects Committee) manages all research projects. The outcome of the work done in the TPC is presented.


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