NHO Grafisk

Contact:   Tom E. Johansen
Post box 5495 Majorstuen,
0305 Oslo
Phone:   +4723087874
Fax:    +4723087871
Personal e-mail:  tj(at)

NHO Grafisk is running a project that looks at standardising PSO (Process Standard-Offset) and LEAN methods. The project leader is Tom E. Johansen. NHO Grafisk is one of the project owners. The other ones are the labour union, newspapers and flexo.



Contact: Peter Nussbaum
The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory,
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Gjøvik University College,
P.O.Box 191,
N-2802 Gjøvik
Phone: +47 611 35198
Fax:   +47 611 35 240
Personal e-mail: peter.nussbaum(at)

The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory is a research group within the Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology at Gjøvik University College. It provides the service of certifying the Norwegian printing industry according to the UGRA system of PSO Certification in collaboration with UGRA. The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory was founded in spring 2001 to serve the rising needs for standardisation and colour management solutions in the graphic arts industry.


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